When used as a foundational data layer our Super Identity Graph enables an accurate and complete view of each customer. We enable enterprises to standardize their data sets for global compliance and fuel 360° customer profiles to be used in direct consumer engagements and in the data layer of modern customer experience platforms.

Our 360 View Customer profile enables organizations to build flexible and extensible data models, drive customer engagement with a deeper level of targeted, personalized, experiences.

Customer Profile Engagement Data
Customer Profile Engagement Data

Personalize engagement based upon comprehensive people-based profiles.

Improve quality and coverage of 1st party data to improve ability to journey map for each customer segment.

Leverage historical, offline data science, to improve digital marketing effectiveness and eliminate wasted ad spend.

Ability to model and score inbound engagement.

Improve efficiency in lead handling via real-time enhancement and scoring to drive content and offer decisioning.

Supports AI/ Machine learning.