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The Direct Marketing Association identified proper audience selection as 50% of the success equation in direct and digital marketing. In this digital and mobile driven era, that requires understanding the customer at the individual level, so you can target and interact with consumers where they spend their time, which is on digital devices.

Audience Acuity’s analytical offering uses a stepwise linear regression to produce Customer Profiles that identify predictive traits of any data set that might not be otherwise uncovered. Here is the specific process:

  • We match the data set of interest for the client to our near-census of the U.S. adult population at the individual level
  • Overlay all 300+ data elements we have for each person on the matched records
  • Run it through the analytical processing
  • Produce a 40+ page report that provides a comparison of the data set against the U.S. adult population at the data element level with results indexed to identify specific demographic, lifestyle traits, behaviors, interests or personalities that are unique to the data set of interest
  • Assistance with interpreting results is available when needed or desired


Clients typically use the report to guide audience targeting for acquiring new customers or to identify predictive traits of a customer base, or a specific behavior of a customer base, which can then be used for data enhancement of the customer base to improve segmentation.


Common applications include:

  • Identify profile of ideal customer, or profile of a specific segment, allowing for tier-migration strategies to be developed, to improve lifetime value of customers
  • Identify profile of customers that churn, become delinquent or demonstrate some other negative behavior, such that the traits can be suppressed from the target audience used for new customer acquisition
  • Identify preferences of customer segments to improve messaging for marketing communication
  • Identify comprehensive understanding of customer base life-stages for new product development
  • Identify interest areas for establishing calls to action that leverage outside firms or products


We intentionally established an economical price point for the Customer Profile to drive adoption of the offering resulting in client target audiences being constructed using empirical findings as opposed to inference, while also allowing for improved message relevance. Collective impact has been improved engagement.

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