Audience Activation

Digital activation is the process of linking offline data with online data to provide a single, unified view of your consumers. Improvements to existing less durable digital activation strategies will be imperative if organizations want to achieve more accurate omni-channel communication, effectively map the customer journey, create efficiencies in media spend and ultimately drive revenue production.

Offline consumer identifiers include name and physical addresses, plain text emails, cell phone numbers and landlines.  Online identifiers include IP addresses, mobile ad ID’s, hashed email addresses, social handles and cookies. 

Audience Acuity’s foundational offline data asset provides persistence, durability of use, and will future proof your digital activation strategy by linking these identifiers across all channels and devices to develop accurate, unified and accessible consumer profiles.

Enterprise Identity Management

Improve addressable audience reach.

Enhance customer data to improve channel coverage to enable journey mapping.

Improve offline audience reach in digital channels.

Reduce wasteful ad spend associated with device-based targeting.

Success Stories