Audience Development

Identity management, recognition, and cross-channel or cross-device strategies are the key to managing the customer journey and attributing online to offline behavior. Identity matching and validation can enable customer-facing organizations to personalize content and offers, dynamically alter web content and drive in app marketing as part of managing the customer journey.

The ability to construct people-based audiences with real-world, historical offline data, that is then leveraged for digital engagement, serves as the foundation for eliminating ad spend waste and click-fraud.

Our Super Identity Graph provides a turnkey data solution for identifying and contextually interacting with the mobile inclined consumer.

Audience Development

Contextual targeting to improve customer acquisition.

Develop custom audiences of known, offline consumers, that are then loaded into the appropriate digital marketing channels for ad targeting versus using digital look-alike audiences.

Improve efficiency in lead handling.

Supports AI/Machine learning.

Reduce click fraud associated with programmatic ad targeting.

Precise omnichannel access to extend the reach and enhance personalization.

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