Business Database

Includes proprietary statutory, firmographic, and contact-specific data, contributed by the most credible sources available to direct marketers. Records are multi-sourced and meet all privacy and security compliances.

Over 20 million contacts from more than 14 million businesses, includes email addresses and telephone numbers

Updated quarterly

Selectivity at Contact and Company level including Titles, Focus, Function selectors and Revenue, Employees, SIC/NAICS, URL, email address, company phones and more.

business-database SOURCING EVENTSSeminar registrants and trade show attendees GOVERNMENTFederal, state, and local agencies or registration and licensing boards PUBLISHERSBusiness-to-Business publishers, magazine subscribers, White/Yellow Pages PUBLIC FILINGS (Business licenses, SEC filings) PUBLIC INFORMATION FROM WEBSITES ASSOCIATIONSProfessional, industry and/or trade associations

Data Verification Process

We use a cross-reference process that matches our master business database against other national business databases to validate records

Scrubbing and verification of email addresses prior to all file deliveries