Consulting / Execution

Campaign strategy and execution as well as consulting services for improved data utilization.

Our team uses it significant experience with complex data related situations and omni-channel campaign execution to help clients and their ecosystem implement data related aspects of each client engagement and all campaign execution aspects of their program in a manner that drives efficiencies, and expedites time-to-marketing. Upon formalizing an Agreement, Client management oversees the following:

  • Meetings with the appropriate client personnel to develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current situation, objectives, related initiatives, barriers, timing, and all pertinent measurements.
  • Our team will define, document and gain overall consensus on the objectives, then drill into success measurements or criteria that will be used as service levels to gauge the effectiveness of Audience Acuity’s service delivery.
  • Working session with all relevant subject matter experts within Audience Acuity to develop data integration routines through either premise-based installation of the data assets or establishing hosted API access via the pertinent client-side systems.
  • Establishment of any relevant recommendations for moving forward based upon our extensive experience in customer acquisition, retargeting and CRM growth initiatives. Deliverable from this will be a full go to market plans and schedules to ensure that all actions are accounted for including a Gantt chart with assigned tasks, resources, timelines and dependencies in order to achieve client defined objectives.
  • Development of marketing calendars that include:
    • Campaign windows
    • Media and channel mix
    • Target audiences
    • Touch strategy

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