National Consumer Database

National Consumer Database

A consistent theme in research released over the past year points to the continued expansion of data-driven, approaches that focus on marketing to the individual consumer. Download Product Sheet

In early 2017, Winterberry Group released The Data Centric Organization: Transforming for the Next Generation of Audience Marketing, which reported that enterprise-class marketers are actively pursuing initiatives to leverage data as a central driver of their audience engagement efforts with the following top-three objectives:

  • Embrace customer centricity as a fundamental go to market strategy
  • Desire to engage digital channels as primary promotional, transaction and customer service vehicle, ultimately supplanting traditional media.
  • Desire to better integrate deployment of various channels, both digital and traditional, around a deeper understanding of the customer.

Our National Consumer Database provides users a near-census of every adult in the U.S. that is available across all channels with each individual record containing over 500+ data elements. This data can be used to develop audiences for new customer acquisition or can be used to enhance the quality and coverage of a customer database to enable more effective marketing.

Recently, Audience Acuity has experienced a surge in client campaign activity focused on cross-channel campaigns targeting mobile inclined consumers through the use of custom audiences in social channels, and Facebook specifically. Our National Consumer Database is matching between 80 – 90% when loaded into Facebook for custom audience development. As this database provides marketers a near-census of the U.S. adult population from which they can develop individual target audiences, our users can have confidence that they can reach their target audiences at scale, on the most heavily used social platform.

We apply industry leading research and marketing strategies to offer a product that excels in size and quality. The database is a Multi-channel, multi-sourced, triple-verified, then validated against recent transaction and engagement data to create the production instance. All built from compiled and proprietary response data sources.

Our proprietary multi-channel consumer database includes detailed demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and transactional data, which is contributed to dozens of the most credible and responsive sources available to direct marketers, all matched to channel data that can be used to identify and acquire new viable prospective customers including:

  • Premier data compilers including: Public and courthouse records, real property data, phone directories, Consumer surveys, Self-Reported and transactional information.
  • Response source contributors, niche datasets and premium datasets from Publishers, catalogers, destination online sites, plus interactive campaign results

Quality and Verification

The Audience Acuity National Consumer Database is built using our proprietary 24-step data science routine that blends individually compiled data with extensive behavior and transaction activity, using a deterministic matching process that is validated against the most accurate identity database in the United States, resulting in a precise data set with scale. The database is rebuilt quarterly and fully USPS compliant.

Channel Coverage

  • Consumers: 238+ Million Individuals
  • Consumer Households: 174 Million
  • Opt-In Email: 127 Million
  • Mobile Phones: 100 Million
  • IP Addresses: 327 Million

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