CSC ServiceWorks Integrates Audience Acuity’s Data To Launch New Products

Las Vegas, Nevada | Data from Audience Acuity’s Super Identity Graph will be incorporated into CSC ServiceWorks’ new digital marketing platform. The data will be used to micro-target and activate audiences in 4 test markets.

“Many thanks to the team at CSC Service Works for providing this unique opportunity. Our relationship has enormous potential,” said Jeff Berke Audience Acuity’s CEO. “We have already used our graph to profile CSC’s current customers. Our data scientists applied over 500 attributes to determine the key characteristics underlying CSC’s consumer consumption. We identified hundreds of thousands of new prospects. Then, we geo-fenced the audience around CSC’s distribution centers. The prospects will be engaged through a series of integrated omnichannel campaigns,” Berke continued.

For nearly a century CSC Serviceworks has connected people to technology. The company was founded in 1927 to sell washing machines and iceboxes in Boston. Today CSC Serviceworks is the leading provider of laundry and air solutions to more than 40 million consumers in the United States and Canada.

“Technology and data are the foundation of our consumer relationships. Leveraging our infrastructure and delivery platforms with Audience Acuity’s data provides rich opportunities to develop new products and new omnichannel marketing capabilities,” said Martin Anderson, Vice President of Sales Operations at CSC Serviceworks.

“We’re testing in 4 markets and we will learn a lot. If all goes well, then we will discover new opportunities – leveraging our data from 234 million Americans and CSC’s national distribution capabilities,” said Berke. 

About Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity’s Super Identity Graph is one of the largest commercially available data assets in America. Our identity graph contains 2.3 billion mobile address ID’s and more than 1.1 billion email addresses connecting 234 million Americans to their online and offline behavior.

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