Three things set us apart:

Individual Level Compilation

At an individual level, age, race, gender. occupation and behaviors are greatly different amongst household members. Relies on the full name and address to enable the most precise intelligence and targeting. All contact channel data validated at individual level.

Data Blending

Quickly differentiates good data from bad while cleansing, enriching, and joining together dozens of different data sources – in an automated process. Producing a Multi-sourced record validated as accurate, and recent, using transaction and engagement data.


Validation processes incorporate identity resolution and matching technology to build single view of each individual consumer across all data in our data warehouse. We use the most authoritative identity database as final validation step, ensuring data is the most accurate and complete data available for the use cases we address.

The DMA’s most recent Data-Driven Marketing Economy Report identified individual level compiled data (ILCD) as providing material benefits in comparison to household data:

  • ILCD provides measurable efficiency in marketing strategy and media buying and budgeting… allowing marketing waste to be minimized/avoided.
  • Improved marketing insight enables testing of all aspects of audience targeting allowing for enhanced message tailoring.
  • More precise targeting can achieve same effects with lower budgets whenever advertising is priced on a cost per basis.
  • Start-ups and small and medium sized business can license third-party data for prospecting new customers to compete with established brands that market predominantly to their proprietary customer database.

Sourcing and Hygiene

Data is our core and primary focus. We are fixated on developing as close to a complete census of U.S. adults as possible, including all channel data needed to identify and interact with these consumer across any channel.

We meet or exceed all data hygiene standards including NCOA, LACS, CASS, etc. Additionally, our data adheres to all known data regulations including DMA Do Not Pander, CAN-SPAM, etc.

Sourcing includes: Household & County Deed Compilation, Credit Header Compilation, Catalog Compilations, Magazine Compilations, First-party Transactional Data, Donor and Charitable Organization Compilation, Self-reported Data, Survey & Questionnaire Data, Warranty & Product Card Info, NCOA Data, Newsletter Compilation Data, White Pages, Government Data and Sources, CPG Data, Trade Magazines and Event Registration.

Our data sets include:

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