Doing More with Less

Identity Graphs Can Help Stretch Your Marketing Budget

The public health crisis, massive furloughs, and 30-40% reductions in ad spending have created unprecedented challenges for marketing executives who must conserve capital as they navigate through the economic chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ad Spend Impact Identity Graph

Identity graphs can help. They are uniquely designed data assets dedicated to improving advertising efficiency, lowering acquisition costs, and enhancing modeling performance.

Identity graphs organize and consolidate all transactional, geo-demographic and behavioral data associated with a customer record. This enables marketers to efficiently communicate with their audiences across channels – even during this turbulent period.

5 Ways Identity Graphs Can Help Preserve Your Marketing Capital

Our Super Identity Graph supports nearly 100 use cases. We selected these 5 because they focus on capital preservation and advertising efficiency.

1. Reduce Ineffective Retargeting Expenses & Refine Paid Search

Match the unauthenticated web traffic from your tag management system to the descriptive audience data resident in an ID graph. The application produces rich consumer profiles linked to previously unauthenticated digital traffic. This is used to improve the retargeting criteria and to inform paid search.

2. Improve Conversion Rates of Anonymous Mobile App Downloads

Merge anonymous mobile address ID’s with the consumer data resident in an identity graph to drive paid activation programs to known audience segments.  This improves segmentation criteria and narrows audience sizes to improve media effectiveness.

3. Reduce Contact Center Call Handling Time

Merge income telephone calls with consumer data resident in identity graph to resolve unknown identities in real-time. This informs intelligent call routing and reduces agent talk time by prepopulating agent dashboards with relevant consumer insight.

4. Append Postal Data with Email Addresses & Social Handles

Audit postal files for accuracy and completeness. Update your files with the most recent zip+9 address information. Add current email addresses and social handles to your entire postal file. This enables efficient omni-channel deliverability, reduces audience sizes, and decreases media (direct mail) expense.

5. Improve the Efficacy of Predictive Analytics

Incorporate the identity, demographic, and behavioral data into predictive models to improve model performance. Improving model performance refines audience selection and targeting, reduces audience sizes (media expense) and improves attribution (analytics).   

Integrating an identity graph supports the short-term mandate to “do more with less.”  Thinking beyond this crisis, marketing leaders will be well served to elevate the short-term mandate into their long-term strategies. Learning to do more with less creates sustainable efficiencies that are valuable to the long-term interests of profitable businesses.