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Enhance your data to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

At the core, marketing is about knowing the customer, which means having the ability to recognize a person as a customer or prospect, regardless of channel, and then knowing them contextually so they can be engaged appropriately. We consistently hear from enterprise-class firms that are struggling with the ability to understand customers at detailed levels, and at scale, across their entire customer and prospect base. This is compounded by firm’s inability to match offline and online data. As a result, these firms operate effectively with segments of their customer base in certain channels, but not across all channels or all segments. Ultimately, this adversely impacts the ability to manage the customer journey in today’s marketing environment, resulting in extensive marketing waste, customer attrition and substantial lost revenue opportunities.

One of the primary issues we sought to tackle in founding Audience Acuity was to provide American business with a path to clear identity resolution at scale blended with the contextual ability to engage the customer or prospect in a manner that would be relevant. To deliver on this we have developed a one-of-a-kind data validation process resulting in a purely deterministic data set that provides a near census of the adult population in a PII rich offline data set, mapped to digital channel identifiers that connect the offline, mobile and online worlds together. Using this base asset allows us to provide customer insight depth and breadth to any company needing to better understand its customer or prospect audiences at the individual level across demographic, psychographic, behavioral, interest and lifestyle categories to enable improved messaging and dynamic content handling. Equally important, if channel data is missing, or if channel data is all that is known, either which limits a firm’s ability to work cross-channel and cross-device, we can help fill in the gaps there as well, whether it be email (hashed or text), phone number (mobile or landline), IP or any path to digital connections, or working in the reverse direction.

Given that many firms lack clarity on the detail of their ideal customer profile of their customer base as a whole, or of specific segments, which makes it difficult to market effectively, we can use our analytical Customer Profiling capability to identify the traits that differentiate the customer base from the U.S. population as a whole, as well as segments of the customer base from one another. Using this insight we then enhance the customer data with the requisite data attributes to enable marketing to develop effective customer journey maps and campaigns based upon comprehensive knowledge, resulting in improved customer engagement, reduced attrition and overall healthier lifetime value.

Data Infrastructure

  • We maintain data infrastructure in both IBM Private Cloud and Amazon Web Services.
  • Clients can either take extracts into their data environment or leverage our infrastructure.
  • Extensive API library enables host systems to connect to our data platform to access the needed information.
  • Data transfer can occur immediately or through batch processing with delivery through S3 buckets for large file enhancement.
  • We also build custom API’s when data needs cannot be met with current library.

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