FreeCast Selects Audience Acuity

LAS VEGAS, NV –  Audience Acuity today announced that Nextelligence Inc’s wholly-owned subsidiary, FreeCast, has licensed Audience Acuity’s National Consumer Database to help the video entertainment platform company identify accredited investors and capitalize on the company’s growth opportunities.

FreeCast is a leader in monetizable web television and VOD [video-on-demand] solutions. The company’s Cloud Entertainment Platform comprises one of the world’s largest aggregated library of free and pay-per-view content delivered by FreeCast’s SmartGuide, SelectTV and RabbitTV Plus services. FreeCast has more than 3.5 million subscribers and an omni-channel distribution network with dedicated shelf space in more than 35,000 nationwide retail locations, among them Walmart, Sears and Target stores.

“High-priced cable bills are a thing of the past.  Millions of people are disconnecting from expensive service providers every month,” said Bill Mobley, CEO of FreeCast. “Our Select TV product delivers content to consumers from 350,000 TV shows, 200,000 movies, 2500 live streaming channels and over 50,000 radio stations worldwide for $2.99 per month. We’ve proven our business model by attracting 3.5 million consumers to our platform in less than three years.

“We’ve developed our team, the technical infrastructure and a high margin, subscription-based business model.  Now we’re working with Audience Acuity on a new fund-raising initiative to attract investors and capitalize on an enormous growth opportunity,” Mobley continued.

Audience Acuity will deliver data that will enable FreeCast to reach high net worth accredited investors to support FreeCast’s growth and business strategy. “Our National Consumer Database contains detailed information on virtually every adult in America,” said Jeff Berke, CEO of Audience Acuity. “We’ll combine this data with contact information contained in our Super Identity Graph of household and individual devices. The objective is to create a comprehensive omni-channel profile by merging online and offline data for every accredited investor in America.”

Audience Acuity’s database and its identity graph are derived from more than 3.6 billion datapoints and represent two of the largest commercially available data assets in the country. Its proprietary 24-step data science routine blends individually compiled information and extensive transactional activity using a deterministic match logic.  The data is independently validated quarterly against three independent agencies to verify the integrity of the information and to help ensure privacy compliance.

“We have a comprehensive data set of 246 million adults mapped to 480 million email addresses, 330 million mobile AD ID’s, 160 million mobile numbers and 550 attributes for selection criteria. We’re running models against our databases to identify the most responsive segments for FreeCast. This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to an innovative business” Berke stated.

About Audience Acuity

Connecting brands to consumers has never been more complicated, or more important. In 2018, the most strategic marketing initiatives center on three important challenges; (1) reconciling data across the online and offline spectrums, (2) implementing effective approaches to managing the customer journey, and (3) identifying and attributing behavior to the event that stimulated the activity. Audience Acuity helps brands address these challenges by enabling omni-channel, microtargeting and engagement, at scale.

Audience Acuity’s National Consumer Database and Super Identity Graph contain more than 260 million adults and more than 500 million digital identities. The firms’ proprietary data science routines blend individually compiled information using deterministic match logic that is validated by three independent trust tests. Audience Acuity complements its suite of data products with specialized marketing services for audience activation, digital creative development, integrated media placement and attribution analysis.

About FreeCast

FreeCast Inc, known as ‘The Global Intertainment Company,’ is the leader in monetizable web television and VOD solutions. The company’s Cloud Entertainment Platform comprises the world’s largest aggregated library of free and pay-per-view Video-On-Demand (VOD), streaming channels, live events, radio stations, music videos, online games, and more. This content is delivered via FreeCast’s SmartGuide, available to consumers via the company’s flagship SelectTV, RabbitTV Plus services, and a variety of other licensed major big brand offerings.