Kairos DCC and Audience Acuity Announce Elevated Partnership

ST. PETERSBURG, FL and LAS VEGAS, NV – Kairos Digital Commerce Consulting, a disruptive financial services consulting firm, and Audience Acuity a leading enterprise identity management provider, jointly announce a partnership around transformation inside banking, payments, and financial services. As a part of this elevated partnership, Kairos will offer a variety of consulting services focused on addressing both institution and consumer points of friction, and using Audience Acuity data paired with a suite of innovative technology providers to solve a variety of use cases.  Audience Acuity enables companies to identify and contextually engage with audiences, across all channels in a privacy-compliant manner.

The Audience Acuity Super Identity Graph, the flagship solution of the partnership, is built using a propriety 23-step data science routine that blends the precision of individually compiled data, with extensive behavior and transaction activity, using a deterministic matching process that is then validated against third party truth sets. The result is a precise omnichannel Super Identity Graph with scale at the near-census level and containing all channel data needed to map online to offline and offline to online identities of U.S. adults. Equally important, this same data asset has been aggregated into households to allow its users to effectively complement existing database investments in household-oriented files. This powerful capability enables clients to address the challenge of matching partial data from the offline and online world together. With the extensive coverage of the Super Identity Graph and Kairos expertise, the possibilities are endless.

“We all know that data is a foundational asset for any interaction with consumers, but at Kairos DCC, we know that having the best, most accurate, and robust data is a differentiator for our clients in the development of their technology and their marketing efforts,” said Kelli Bain, Co-Founder, Kairos. “We believe in the partnership that we have created with Audience Acuity to bring that level of data to the payments space.”

Identity management, recognition, and cross-channel/cross-device strategies are the key to managing the customer journey and attributing online to offline behavior. Identity matching and validation can enable businesses to personalize content and offers, dynamically alter web content, and drive in-app marketing as part of managing the customer journey.  The Super Identity Graph, and linked National Consumer Database, provide a turnkey data solution for identifying and contextually interacting with the mobile inclined consumer with the flexibility and security that financial institutions value most.

“Over the years of my product career, and hundreds of banking or payments use cases and problem statements later, I have never been more excited to finally see the right combination of data attributes in a flexible, identity graph.  This is more than bringing data to life, Audience Acuity’s data graph will enable Kairos and our industry stakeholders solve real problems at scale on their terms, and in their unique way.” Connie Davis, Co-Founder, Kairos.

Identifying and solving real problems are at the forefront of this partnership.  From building consumer profiles that extend far beyond banking to resolving identity on demand and meeting customers where they are at, the Audience Acuity & Kairos partnership initiative is to eliminate friction.

“Challenges exist within every industry, that’s a given. Having the knowledge, experience, and expertise to solve for them is something very different. Audience Acuity, a leader in enterprise identity management is proud to partner with Kairos Digital Commerce Consulting. Bringing the power of our identity data combined with the Kairos team’s deep understanding of industry pain points and legacy systems. Combining these capabilities with their problem-solving approach will no doubt drive transformation, reimagine the customer experience and reduce friction across the banking and payments sector.” Jeff Sopko, Chief Strategy Officer, Audience Acuity.

About Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity is a consumer identity management company that enables clients to identify and contextually interact with audience’s cross channel, in a privacy-compliant manner, at scale. Enabling improved identity resolution, consumer channel extension, and audience understanding resulting in more efficient marketing and operational performance. Audience Acuity is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Kairos Digital Commerce Consulting

Kairos Digital Commerce Consulting is a new dimension of consulting firm focused on data and technology matchmaking for the greater good.  They aim to work with solution providers of all kinds inside banking, payments, and financial services to bring innovation to consumers and small businesses alike.  Kairos DCC is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. For additional information visit www.kairosdcc.com.