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As companies look to drive better returns from their digital ad spend, more are turning to custom audiences as opposed to generic segments as a path to improve engagement and conversion. A custom audience allows a firm to select an audience of people that meet exact criteria and then the data set is onboarded for use in the digital ad ecosystem. At Audience Acuity, we enable clients to select an individual audience that meets their exact criteria and then we provide them that audience data for offline use and we also onboard the data as a Custom Audience for use across the digital ad ecosystem; whether it be digital ad display, in the audience’s Facebook, LinkedIn or any other digital channel.

We develop and activate Custom Audiences for clients on a daily basis. The following percentages are the typical activation rates clients realize using our National Consumer Database, which comprises 246mm records in our Q3, 2018 release:

  • Social:
    • Facebook: 88%
    • LinkedIn: 80%
    • Twitter: 75%
  • Display: 75 – 85%
  • Email for acquisition: 60%

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