Digital Audience Profiler

Improve Conversion Rates, Activate Audiences, Drive Revenue.

The Digital Audience Profiler adds context to numeric digital device identifiers. The Super Identity Graph is a foundational data layer that enables a universal view of unidentified digital audiences. This facilitates activation, improves conversion rates and drives incremental revenue.

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Super Identity Graph

If developing a comprehensive view of your customers as they migrate across channels and devices is important to you, or if you’re looking to unlock the value of your anonymous traffic, then harness the power of our Super Identity Graph.

Our Super Identity Graph deterministically matches over 6 billion data points to establish a unique identity for virtually every adult in America.

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National Consumer Database

If your brand is looking to engage consumers across all channels, develop audience targets, or optimize segmentation criteria, then put our National Consumer Database to the test and let the results speak for themselves.

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