Stansberry Partners with Audience Acuity

Las Vegas, Nevada | Audience Acuity today announced Stansberry Research has licensed their Super Identity Graph and engaged their professional services team to activate consumers seeking investment information.  Audience Acuity’s data scientists will combine insights discovered from their quantitative models with behavioral analytics targeting consumer segments with an interest in acquiring Stansberry’s investment products. 

Stansberry Research is a subscription-based publisher of financial information and software serving millions of investors around the world.  “This is an exciting opportunity to apply our data, our modeling capabilities, and our publishing experience.  We look forward to working closely with the team at Stansberry to implement their omni-channel strategy,” said Jeff Berke, CEO of Audience Acuity. 

Stansberry Research’s experienced analysts offer exhaustive independent research ascribing to more than 2 dozen monthly publications.  “We tested Audience Acuity’s data and we were pleased with the results.  We’re partnering with them because of the efficacy of their data and because of their experience with omni-channel activation initiatives in the publishing space,” stated Sean Carroll, Managing Director, Marketing.

“Stansberry has a team of highly skilled direct marketers. They have a clear strategy with realistic objectives and measurable goals.  We thank Sean Carroll for this opportunity, and we look forward to contributing to their success,” Berke continued.  

About Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity’s National Consumer Database and Super Identity Graph are two of the largest commercially available data assets in America.