What is a Data Label?

Businesses spend billions of dollars on consumer data.  The data is incorporated into the full spectrum of omni-channel marketing decisions – from media buying and email communications to customer journey management.  Marketers depend on the data to activate new customers, retain existing customers and streamline their online and offline operations. 

In the past decision-makers have never really understood “what’s inside” the data they buy.  In response to the industry’s growing requirement to understand the data contained within commercially available databases, several industry trade groups have collaborated to develop a new data transparency standard which appears in the form of a data label. 

The data label may be regarded as the “nutrition label” equivalent for audience data sets and discloses information helping marketers determine data quality, cleansing specifications, recency, segmentation criteria and more.   

At Audience Acuity we immediately embraced the data label and we are proud to be one of the first major data companies in the United States to incorporate a data label into our Super Identity Graph and National Consumer Database

We believe data transparency is good for our industry and good for our business.  For more on the genesis of the data label and the trade associations involved with its development please visit https://www.datalabel.org/.