What Is An Identity Graph And Why Do You Need One?

Omni-channel marketing applications must effectively reconcile data across all online and offline consumer touchpoints. Thanks to technology, the proliferation of data and a new generation of consumers (millennials), digitized commerce is both complex and fragile. New data from the internet of things, combined with accelerated improvements in cellular technology and the impact of social networks will further complicate the marketing process.

Traditional & Linear Consumer Relationships are Nowhere Near Enough

This year Apple’s revenue reached $260.17 billion USD, Amazon generated over $177 billion and Alphabet’s reached nearly $138 billion. Companies like these are setting the bar as it relates to real-time contextual insight. In other words, they’re able to identify and deeply understand people who are in-market.  They utilize digital identifiers to understand lifestyles, behavior, preferences – across channels and devices.  This enables their customers to shop for and co-create products and services pursuant to their exacting preferences in real-time.

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What Do We Mean By Digital Consumer Identifiers?

Today consumers shop in real-time through various devices including tablets, PCs, and smartphones. They have countless options and an overwhelming number of “connecting points” to digital merchants.

Consumer identifiers include; device ID’s, social handles, email addresses, mobile advertising ID’s, IP addresses, residential addresses, landlines, etc. . . In this context, they are used to facilitate omnichannel reconciliation that is required to enable effective customer journey management — at an individual level. That’s when an identity graph comes in.

What is an Identity Graph?

An identity graph is a uniquely architected data warehouse containing all known identifiers corresponding to individual consumers.

In addition to storing all available identifiers, identity graphs contain privacy-compliant personal, demographic and consumptive information describing the individuals in the database.   An identity graph’s flexible, table-driven architecture is designed with linkages from the anonymous digital identifiers to the consumer data resident in the file. 

Audience Acuity’s Super Identity Graph contains more than 6 billion data points describing 226 million Americans.  The deterministic matching methodology precisely matches and organizes more than 550 attributes into 15 categories describing virtually every American adult over the age of 25.  Imagine what you can do with this kind of database!

How Sprint Uses Our ID Graph to Acquire New Subscribers In Targeted Geographic Areas

With our Super Identity Graph, clients are able to track consumer activities across a number of online and offline platforms, enabling them to develop a single, unified profile of their audience. Take for example the telecommunications giant Sprint, which recently licensed out Super Identity Graph, National Consumer Database and Business Database solutions for their new subscriber acquisition efforts.

As their next-generation enterprise data provide, Audience Acuity has curated a proprietary 23-step data science routine blending individually compiled information with extensive transactional activity, to successfully output a precise data asset at the scale for the American adult population. In Sprint’s Senior Vice President, Allan Samson’s words: “Reorienting our data using consumer-centric focus and accurately attributing behavior to carefully executed, multi-channel activities will be crucial to our acquisition strategy.”

Stansberry Research Leverages Our ID Graph For Omni-Channel Activation Activities In Publishing

Stansberry Research, a financial subscription-based financial publisher that brings actionable investment recommendations for individuals self-managing their portfolios, recently licensed our Super Identity Graph. Our data scientists are combining insights from their quantitative models with our behavioral and profiling data to target consumer segments interested in acquiring Stansberry ‘s investment products. Click here to see 19 client case studies, or drop us a note here to connect with a team member.