Super Identity Graph

Resolve the Identities of Your Audience.

  • Deterministically paired using offline PII
  • Identify audiences across channels and devices
  • Connect across channels and devices

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Deterministically paired to our
National Consumer Database

sig 518 MILLIONMobile Ad IDs 194 MILLIONLandlines 119 MILLIONMobile Phones 243 MILLIONIdentities with PII 191 MILLIONSocial Handles 535 MILLIONHashed EmailAddresses 435 MILLIONIP Addresses

National Consumer Database

Understand Your Customer.

  • The foundation of our Super Identity Graph
  • Developed using more than 6 billion consumer data points
  • Contains 500+ demographic and lifestyle attributes


6 Billion Data Points – 238 Million Adults

Deterministically matched to our Super Identity Graph

Artboard 1 Demographic Household Compositions Occupation Geographic Interests Financial Behavior Reading Transactional Automotive Political Lifestyle Segmentation EAGLESSegmentation Donor Behavior Consumer Interest

Proprietary Data Science Routines

Our proprietary validation process is an important competitive distinction. Multiple independent truth tests and external databases are used to validate the integrity of PII and digital identifiers. This ensures accuracy and recency, at scale.


Ingest raw data to create the foundation of our products. Convert, parse and normalize data. Incorporate address standardization and file deduplication.


Correct data across postal, digital, email and telephonic channels. Postal hygiene includes; NCOA, DPV, and do not mail. Telephonic hygiene includes; do not call suppression, phone number verification, and NPX carrier detection. Digital and email hygiene includes; opt-out processing, obscenity scanning, and domain validation.


Attribute variance and tolerance testing, PII validation, confidence scoring, and data mart assignment.


Quality assurance, data mapping, post validation, and client extracts are created.

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million individuals


million hashed email addresses


million mobile maids


million ip addresses