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The size, scale and complexity of the marketing ecosystem continues to grow and transform. This has been primarily driven by the digital and mobile transformation of marketing in its attempt to keep up with changing consumer behavior. The Internet of Things (IoT) will further this transformation. With our individually compiled consumer data assets, Audience Acuity is well positioned to help businesses address all audience targeting and engagement needs, regardless of channel.

We developed our firm to provide the ecosystem with a set of purely deterministic data assets that have been extensively validated to provide superior data offerings at scale. These assets contain the broad channel and attribute coverage needed to drive improvements in key marketing and operational performance indicators while also providing terms that enable operational and cost efficiency to work across all channels.

We have incorporated identity resolution and matching technology into our build process to assemble a single view of each individual consumer across all available data in our universal data warehouse. By incorporating this partner and their entirely new approach we leverage the most comprehensive and authoritative identity database in the country as a final validation and “answer key” for matching decisions to ensure our individual data is the most accurate data available today. The net result for clients, the elimination of all marketing waste associated with generic or household based data sets that perform sub-optimally in today’s digital world.

We compliment the offerings with a unique support package containing the tools, information and training necessary to facilitate relevant knowledge transfer and execution “know how” into client organizations.

Super Identity Graph

Powerful data attributes to identify individuals 100% of the time, deterministically.

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National Consumer Database

Improve your marketing and gain insight into your consumers to provide more targeted offers.

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Enhancement / Reverse Append

At the core, marketing is about knowing the customer, which means having the ability to recognize a person as a customer or prospect, regardless of channel, and then knowing them contextually so they can be engaged appropriately.

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Personalized marketing use for audience targeting across all channels.

Data-driven marketing is fueling the growth and transformation in shift from offline to
online ad spend, with the vast majority occurring in audience identification and targeting in digital and social channels.

The DMA identified the use of Individual Level Compiled Data for segmentation, targeting and measurement as being most effective at reducing expenditures on unfruitful interactions; driven primarily by increased targeting effectiveness for new customers and improved interaction with existing customers.

Our expertise is steeped in identifying sources, testing, compiling and building individual level audience databases for identity management and marketing use cases.

  • Proprietary data blending routines.
  • Individually matched, de-duplicated and standardized database with extensive cross channel coverage.
  • Integrates thousands of declared and intent driven attributes during processing to provide the foundation for advanced analytics, customer insights and segmentation.
  • All databases meet all DMA privacy and security compliances.

Audience Acuity enables clients to identify and separate their target audience from the masses.

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