Identity Resolution

Today, over 85% of all online visitors do not log-in, purchase, or authenticate themselves creating lost opportunity with an engaged consumer. The goal of Identity Resolution is to get a holistic view of the customer’s interactions with the brand across all consumer touchpoints which is key to turning data complexity into an opportunity for exceptional customer experience.

Marketers are only too aware that their prospects and customers live in a device-dominated world and they need to deliver a consistent brand experience irrespective of what device, platform, or channel the customer chooses to engage. That is where Audience Acuity’s identity solutions can help.

Super Identity Graph Identity Graph Resolution

Resolve identities today, and post-cookie, in a privacy compliant manner at scale.

Identify web visitors for remarketing across channels, turning anonymous traffic into engaged prospects.

Contextually re-target consumers that meet the profile and financial criteria of current segmentations schemes. Eliminating wasted ad spend on re-targeting unqualified consumers.

Develop a 360 view of the customer and prospect from disparate host systems using our foundation data layer as the connective mechanism.

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