Civis Analytics Integrates Audience Acuity’s Identity Graph

Las Vegas, Nevada | Audience Acuity has been selected by Civis Analytics to integrate their Super Identity Graph into Civis’ custom audience insights tool. Audience Acuity’s data will be used to match online and offline data.

 “We encouraged the data scientists at Civis to rigorously test our data.  They did and we exceeded their performance thresholds.  Now we are thankful to be partnering with a recognized leader in the analytics space,” said Jeff Berke Audience Acuity’s CEO. 

“As an analytics firm, we rely on experimentation and data when selecting partners. We tested Audience Acuity’s data and found that it provided a 17% lift in the volume of matched records we realize, improving the efficacy of our models,” said Angelo Mancini, Director of Applied Data Science at Civis Analytics.   

“Civis has been recognized by Forrester as ‘the platform to beat for data scientists. . .’  They are on the leading edge of identity resolution in the industries they serve.  They are bright, diligent and principled, and we are delighted to have made this association,” Berke concluded. 

About Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity’s Super Identity Graph is one of the largest commercially available data assets in America.  Our identity graph contains a billion mobile address ID’s and more than 900 million hashed email addresses connecting 225 million Americans to their online and offline behavior. 


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