Identity Management is the process of connecting the growing volume of unique ‘identifiers’ to create a single, unified, persistent customer identity. Identifiers include offline PII, email, mobile phone, social handles, IP’s, mobile ad id’s, browser behavior, transactions, and additional contextual data that help connect the same individual across devices, platforms, and channels. The outcome is an accurate, complete, and 360 view of each customer.

Our Super Identity Graph is built upon core offline data (PII), and linked with online device data, channel data, and behaviors. This results in a lasting, durable data structure centered on people, not digital device data. Organizations will now be better equipped to deliver more targeted and personalized engagement, improve marketing insights, attribution, and media optimization. All resulting in better customer experiences and improved marketing ROI.

sig 2.3 BILLIONMobile Ad IDs 76 MILLIONLandlines 175 MILLIONMobile Phones 502 MILLIONIdentities with PII 228 MILLIONSocial Handles 1.1 BILLIONHashed EmailAddresses 2.2 BILLIONIP Addresses
Super Identity Graph Identity Graph Resolution

Persistent, validated offline identity that has all digital identifiers deterministically linked, to enable historical data science to be used digitally.

Develop a 1st party graph with a persistent profile using our data as a connective mechanism.