Super Identity Graph

Our Super Identity Graph leverages the Core PII from the National Consumer Database as the offline foundation. Deterministically pairs over 6 billion data points from observed digital behavior. Establishes a comprehensive table of digital identifiers that encompasses nearly every adult in America.

sig 1.7 BILLIONMobile Ad IDs 56 MILLIONLandlines 164 MILLIONMobile Phones 502 MILLIONIdentities with PII 228 MILLIONSocial Handles 1.1 BILLIONHashed EmailAddresses 1.2 BILLIONIP Addresses

“An identity graph provides a universal view of audience members, comprised of profiles that represent individuals or households, with all relevant attributes and identifiers aligned to that profile.”
– Winterberry Group

Personal identifiers facilitate linkage with our National Consumer  Database

Deterministic matching methodology focuses on individuals precisely matching nearly every adult in the United States