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The Audience Acuity Super Identity Graph is built using our proprietary 23-step data science routine that blends individually compiled data with extensive behavior and transaction activity, using a deterministic matching process that is validated against the most accurate identity database in the United States, resulting in a precise data set with scale. Download the Product Sheet

Identity management, recognition and cross-channel/cross-device strategies are the key to managing the customer journey and attributing online to offline behavior. Identity matching and validation can enable businesses to personalize content and offers, dynamically alter web content and drive in app marketing as part of managing the customer journey. Our Super Identity Graph, and linked National Consumer Database, provide a turnkey data solution for identifying and contextually interacting with the mobile inclined consumer.

Highlights of the Super Identity Graph:

  • Channel coverage – Our Super Identity Graph includes:
    • First Name, last name and a physical address: 625 million individual records, of which 238 million are linked to the National Consumer Database. For inclusion in the National Consumer Database, a record must be validated by our 3rd party identity resolution partner. Although some records do not make it into the NCD, they still provide tremendous utility for matching and linkage.
    • Email addresses (plain text and hashed): 461 million
    • IP addresses: 461 million IP addresses tied to email, 333 million IPs tied to MAIDs
    • Mobile phone numbers: 123 million mobile
    • Landline phone numbers: 157 million landline
    • Social handles: 192 million unique social handles all paired with MD5 hashed emails and connected to 63 million records in the National Consumer Database.
    • Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs): 361 million all with MD5 hashed emails linked to 114 million individuals.
    • 514 total selects organized into fifteen (15) categories that can be used to construct audiences, improve customer insight or personalize experiences. Categories include: Geographic, Demographic, Household Composition, Financial, Real Estate, Occupation, Interests, Behavioral, Transactional, Donor Behavior, Automotive, Political Reading, Consumer Interests Index, Self-Reported Lifestyle, Lifestyle Segmentation
  • Each record has a persistent ID that allows for linking to the Audience Acuity National Consumer Database. All Audience Acuity IDs are privacy-safe. Layouts represent the default structures for the core linkage elements to allow for easy combinations of the appropriate tables. For instance, Core PII + Email + MAID. Plain text email is only provided upon request

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