Super Identity Graph

Our Super Identity Graph leverages the Core PII from the National Consumer Database as the offline foundation. Deterministically pairs over 6 billion data points from observed digital behavior. Establishes a comprehensive table of digital identifiers that encompasses nearly every adult in America.

sig 1 BILLIONMobile Ad IDs 96 MILLIONLandlines 165 MILLIONMobile Phones 476 MILLIONIdentities with PII 226 MILLIONSocial Handles 911 MILLIONHashed EmailAddresses 700 MILLIONIP Addresses

“An identity graph provides a universal view of audience members, comprised of profiles that represent individuals or households, with all relevant attributes and identifiers aligned to that profile.”
– Winterberry Group

Personal identifiers facilitate linkage with our National Consumer  Database

Deterministic matching methodology focuses on individuals precisely matching nearly every adult in the United States