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Surveys and analyst predictions repeatedly report the same findings of issues/objectives impacting U.S. based business:

  • Marketing expenditures continue to shift to digital and mobile channels; where consumers spend their time.
  • Growth in SaaS based, cloud-hosted tool adoption continues to grow as a means to avoid capital outlay and avoid IT supported technologies due to backlog in IT projects.
  • Generate economies of scale in data buying and simplify the user experience for target market selection as well as data extraction.

Audience Acuity helps address these needs by providing a customer acquisition focused marketing platform that combines technology, data and marketing execution.


We offer the ability to profile a data set in minutes via superior data matching technologies. The application also enables rapid look alike audience development using automated step wise linear regression.

Production Marketing Databases

System houses the production marketing databases for our Consumer, Automotive and Business Contact Databases.

Data Services Tools

Locate, analyze, visualize and improve the impact of your data. Applications include file enhancement, file analytics or to develop audiences for export for direct mail use or to load into Facebook for Custom Audience development.

Secure SaaS-based Oriented

A secure SaaS-based, cloud hosted technology that is available 24/7 with full support so use has no impact of IT teams on client side.

Multi-Channel Execution

Multi-channel execution for customer acquisition across email and digital ad display channels.

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Audience Acuity enables clients to identify and separate their target audience from the masses.

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